Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Venting. Venting. VENTING!

OH GOD! People need to understand that I'm not always just a smiling face. No, there are parts of me that nobody understands well enough. Yeah, the first impression may be misleading..another happy, self-confident person, but behind that there are insecurities that I'm just beginning to realise. No, it's not some enlightening nirvana-obtaining crap, it's everything happening around me. I try so hard to just be..happy. But everytime I am, there's just something else that I lack that comes jumping back at me, taking it all away. Ofcourse I have my moments of absolute bliss, but why can't they be permanent? People moving away, self-motivation, people misunderstanding anything you say, inability to express yourself properly. It's all such a fucking mess. I wish everything would just stand still for a while so that when the next thing comes my way, I'm standing straight rather than just picking myself up. Or rather, I wish people would just take me as I am, incomparable, not point out everything wrong and just see the part of my glass that's full, and maybe just find..that when they look hard enough, it's not just full, it's full to the brim.


Shiv said...

Life with only hapiness ... wouldn't it be boring ? I feel there should be a balance of everything.

Sad moments reminds one of all the happy moments they and defines the purpose of living.

Thats all the philo-babble for the day

Ashish said...

Change is eternal, perpetual, immortal. Change is the only constant. Nothing remains. That's why life is what it is.

Gita said...
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Anonymous said...

oops gita's my moms account sorry

hey you are full right to the brim
i wonder how life would be if everyone wrte down thier deepest darkest insecurity on a placard and hung it on the chest all day long

i forgot my fucking massword and username .it sucks

Anonymous said...

everyone should just go and live in the jungle
that way nobody really leaves , thet're just going to the other side or something
and yea money is burnt for fire :D


Adarsh said...

i got it back

Ankita Wasan said...

yay for you.
Mayyybe, you should give your password to someone to keep safe.

Ethereal_princess said...

Awwie.. Poor thing..
I so empathize!
I feel like the fucking Agony Aunt!
And it pisses me off no end :\
Grrrr :@