Monday, November 15, 2010

I define outdated.

Haha, it's like each time I decide to write - I'm literally screaming apologies. I may as well change the name of this damn blog to "Apologies for not writing enough", all in different forms, words, styles, timelines, name it.
So, I may as well get it over with - my apologies for not writing enough.
New update:
I'm in FLAME. Still. It's an overdose right now because the campus is so damn isolated from the rest of the world - and it's been TWO AND A HALF YEARS.
My book list has definitely gotten longer than what the column on the right the extent that even though I stopped reading for quite some time since the last book in that list I'm sure it's still longer than what's already been mentioned.
I've realised friends are really important, and they can't be sidelined :) you know who you'll are.
I love the course I'm doing, it's a perfect blend of what keeps my parents happy in terms of the the future they want me to have, and of what can satiate my want for subjects that cater more to the knowledge I want to acquire through academia. It's essentially a BBA with a BA :) so yay.
Distance doesn't make the heart grow fonder when you're true friends, it just effect how fond you are.
My escapism stunts still continue :D this blog is proof of that considering I should be doing psychology and conflict studies assignments right now.
I love travelling - but my geography is SO pathetic, all thanks to my terrible memory - I really need to do something about memorising capitals. Next time you see me, ask me the capital of Sikkim (it's Gangtok, but you need to make sure I know that).
Oooh I saw Social Network, great movie :)
I will see you soon. Hopefully it won't be months and months later (yes I get sick of updates too).
Let's get some psychology work done.
Gnite :)