Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello again says broken tape recorder

Omg I just went through this blog reading a lot of my first few posts - I sound so..blissfully unaware of the repercussions of the things I write. Haha, its awesome.

AS USUAL so much has changed (except for the fact that I'm a total procrastinator and therefore write here so rarely that each time I come back with renewed "must-get-back-in-touch-with-writing" vows).

But it's true. I do need to get back in touch with writing - and I've realized it's not only because it helps my ability to express myself, but also because it helps me understand myself. All of my previous blogs are a total sneak peek into my own head - makes it easy for me to get how I came to where I am, and assess my next steps..

Haha - but then again, this blog was just a place to be bold and write without thinking twice so in that spirit here goes..

Life update time: I'm now working in a consulting firm in Toronto (yes I got hired, and worked hard and got into Consulting from HR! whee!) and have managed to meet people. SCORE! People totzz wanna be my frand. *puts on cool shades and does Salman Khan signature moves*

I miss home a lot, but that's normal - Papa is coming to visit tomorrow!! I can't wait to see him. We get to chill in the penthouse together, because I told a potential roommate that it won't workout and he was in agreement (yeah he didn't really wanna live with my dad lol) so dad and I get the entire two bedroom penthouse to ourselves :) yes that's where I live and it's got the beeest 270 degree view of Toronto - I totally see something different everyday. Although there aren't any neighbour's homes (bonus: hot neigbour's homes) to peek into (which is why the view's so great cuz my building's the only tall one around, the rest are little town houses with families that have kids and cars and are all settled and what have you). Me? A peeping tom? NO WAY. You just didn't read that right. Yeah. You didn't. No, you really didn't.

Hmm..even though I'm writing all random, I'm feeling pensive. I feel like by not writing in the blog for so long I've shied away from myself and gotten lost, distanced, from the voice in my own head that's always guided me along my path to what happiness means to me.

I really still want to go back to doing some amazing NGO work in India. I can't lose sight of that goal. From a previous post: Big Audacious Goals, as someone I love a lot and look up to said. Calling it a goal and believing I can do it is the first giant step to getting it done.

Let's see how the next few years pan out.

In short term updates, Thursday I got into a car accident - zomg got t-boned at an intersection. I was in a cab, sitting on the right passenger seat at the back, and got hit from the right by a fast-moving BMW. I jumped to the other side and escaped direct impact thankfully because of the dodging and because 3/4th of the impact was to the front door. It rattled me up. All kinds of thoughts came to my head just at the moment when I saw the car nearing the taxi from the corner of my eye at that fast speed - like zomggg am I going to die? What's my family going to think? I didn't get enough time to spend with them. And that my last few months I wasn't surrounded by the people who've mattered to me for the longest time of my life. It happened so fast!! But after a bit of crying around, screaming random stuff and being shocked - I got over it and I'm okay with just a few bruises and a temporary fear of cars approaching on intersections, lol.

Anyyywayyy, I also did a SHIT load of black friday shopping. Retail therapy is the best way to get over car accidents hahaha. It was friggin' awesome. And Saturday morning was a christmas kid's party at work (for the kids of all the employees at work) that I helped a few people organise. It was so cute, just like last year. Then I rushed back home, showered and headed back downtown for a Saturday night 8 PM stand up comedy act (vulger as hell - guy named Dave Frost). Then chilled at a friends, crashed there for the night, and came home in time for a (Sunday 12 PM as per original plans, and 1 PM as per actual execution) board game party I organised. Haha it was hilarious and definitely a party with a lot more than board games going on hahaha. We played taboo and settlers of catan. Fun times.

And now its Sunday night 11:21 PM and I have work tomorrow, and Papa comes tomorrow so must do a clean up around the house. Eep. 22 years old and still worried about what Daddy thinks haha something's never change.

My berry chewing gum says goodnight. Hopefully I remember to throw it away, else when Ankita says good morning it'll be full of purple berry gum drool. Yeah, not a happy thought.