Monday, June 16, 2008

Summmmmer is love.

I got up at 1 today. Well technically I got up at 8:30, but then went back to sleep and got up at 1. So yeah. I love SUMMER! :D It's been so fucking lazy, except during admission time. Oh and I got into Sophia's :). Xaviers was so out of the question. A fucking 91% cut off for us poor non-hsc people :(! That's crazy. Anywho, tomorrow is fee-paying day. So tomorrow I go to Peddar Road and pay up, and then hang out at Hobby Ideas and then stay over at Ridfuck's house <3.
I saw Mere Baap Pehle Aap today. Well not completely, cuz we walked out half way. What a shit movie. I've been doing a LOT these past few days, it's cool :).
I've been dying to learn driving for the past ages! But when it comes down to the moment of getting behind the wheel I just get all freaked out. God. Haha. And I had this whole list of things to do during the vacations and I've done barely any of them. I'll put up a booklist soon - yeahyeah, I made a list of all the things I have to do during the vacations and all the books I have to read :P.
Heh, so a few days smelt alcohol on me. Bah! He should know I can control myself when I have to..but surprisingly, he was way cooler about it than I thought he would be. It's nice to know they trust me to be mature enough to take care of myself, cuz I know I can. Yay.
Thinks are pretty happy happy right now, so before this get overtly happy I'm gna go.
Adieu :). And I'll try to keep writing often. It's not that easy considering how sucky my internet connection is! Yeah. So. Bye.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ha ha.

3. (also extraordinary rendition) (especially in the US) the practice of sending a foreign criminal or terrorist suspect covertly to be interrogated in a country with less rigorous regulations for the humane treatment of prisoners.

Summmmmmer :D!

So it's been long, and I know I've said it a million times before, but I just keep doing it again and again! Damn :(. So I'm in kharghar now. The place is pretty nice, but then there's the trouble of transport. And I'm listening to Apple Bottom Jeans - come around and I'll give the big booty a SLAM! She hit the floor, next thing you know, shawty got low low low low low low low (8) xD Haha, the lyrics. Last night was retarded, and a tad bit annoying but pretty ok too. Alcohol always makes things interesting :D. It's God's apology for creating boredom in the universe.
So, dad'll be back tonight and I'm going to cook! Ankita's Ash Speciality. Yeah, so, cooking? Not my forte. But I have a muffin mix! I'll bake an ugly muffin =].
Ooh, now Apologize is playing. I love OneRepublic's songs. It sucks that they only got noticed once Timbaland got his hands on them. They were all over Myspace earlier, with a buncha really good songs including Tyrant.
My cellphone has this annoying habit of sorting msgs by reverse month and so, when each month starts, my new msgs go to the bottom of the inbox. Confusing much? Yeah, I guess, but it's not a very nice situation to be in.
I MUST learn driving. Boo :(
Ok now, I must go and do something else. Why? Cuz I can't think of more to say here. Except that scandals are a lot of fun :D.