Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summmmmmer :D!

So it's been long, and I know I've said it a million times before, but I just keep doing it again and again! Damn :(. So I'm in kharghar now. The place is pretty nice, but then there's the trouble of transport. And I'm listening to Apple Bottom Jeans - come around and I'll give the big booty a SLAM! She hit the floor, next thing you know, shawty got low low low low low low low (8) xD Haha, the lyrics. Last night was retarded, and a tad bit annoying but pretty ok too. Alcohol always makes things interesting :D. It's God's apology for creating boredom in the universe.
So, dad'll be back tonight and I'm going to cook! Ankita's Ash Speciality. Yeah, so, cooking? Not my forte. But I have a muffin mix! I'll bake an ugly muffin =].
Ooh, now Apologize is playing. I love OneRepublic's songs. It sucks that they only got noticed once Timbaland got his hands on them. They were all over Myspace earlier, with a buncha really good songs including Tyrant.
My cellphone has this annoying habit of sorting msgs by reverse month and so, when each month starts, my new msgs go to the bottom of the inbox. Confusing much? Yeah, I guess, but it's not a very nice situation to be in.
I MUST learn driving. Boo :(
Ok now, I must go and do something else. Why? Cuz I can't think of more to say here. Except that scandals are a lot of fun :D.

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