Sunday, February 24, 2008


Yeah, so it's been ages since I've written, but I have reasons! Even though I can actually do whatever I want, it IS my blog you know. Buuut, I've had stupid exams. I've killed myself 16 times and miraculously, and unfortunately, survived, I've gone to Goa and had an amazing time, met new people :P, done a lot of crap, gotten to know things I'd be happy without knowing and generally been busy. Did I also mention I've been procrastinating writing up here for a long while? Yeah, well, that too.
So today's philosophical bullshit comprises of me thinking about certain people and how they keep..friend hopping. Honestly, it should become a way more commonly used expression instead of pub hopping. And I don't get it, how can you be so close to someone one second and skip away to someone else the next? Call it good networking, or call it being adaptable, I call it hypocrisy, cuz each time you "hop" you leave a part of you, and you change. It's too much changing, and you end up losing yourself in the midst of all the people around you. Your opinions transform, and adapt to the people around you. I can see it happening, I saw it ever since it started. Psshhh well, it doesn't concern me, I'm just bitching ^_^.
I have my english orals, and my french orals coming up. Screwed! I must go and work towards them. This update was the shittiest I have ever written - just goes to show I'm out of practice, if that's possible. Ooh I bought loads of yellow orchids for the house. They're pretty. I like. Red roses suck.
Anywho, ciao. x

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Damn. If I wrote a book on me, I'd name it "What not to do during exams"

Bah. Cuz I'm doing exactly that. What I'm not supposed to do. Ok, not completely, my papers have gone ok so far, but I still get annoyed in the middle and my mind wanders off to better happier things like the Maiden concert, or loads of money, or or..Lauren Harris in leather pants. Yeah, life's not beautiful. Like that movie name Life is beautiful, quite the paradox cuz the movie's actually about how ugly life is, so I like the movie - it's truthful, unlike the happy ending soppy other movies, which I still like anyway. News Flashhhh! I've realised that I'm not that extreme when it comes to liking something. I'm not a hyper obsessed freak and I don't know a lot about just one particular thing. It's just that when I don't like something, well I really really don't. But that passes away too. =]
I can't decide which one's better, Maiden or's so annoying, ever since someone asked me which one I liked better, I've been thinking about it and..there's just no answer. It's like 0 raised to 0, there is just NO friggin' answer >_<.
Dad got me, wow here I go on about dad again, so annoying, well he got me this really pretty necklace and this cute Pandaaaaa! The necklace is amazing <3, and the Panda's actually a big Panda holding a little one. They've been named Yin and Yang. Pay respect to them, they deserve it. And if you don't..then..suffer from the wrath of the PandaPair!
My hair's wet. That can definitely not be good considering the temperature. And I'm eating sweet n sour berry things, which will kill my throat. Perfect. Let's just make my condition better for the four papers I have to give tomorrow. The things I do to myself.
Turn the page. Ciao x

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This one's short.

Meh. Hello. I'm here after a buncha days. Thankfully. Exams. Yuck. I'm fucking scared and..erm, yeah scared. Tomorrow's math, totally synonymous to my death in extremely torturous conditions. So let's see how it goes, if I ever post again you'd know if I get out of it alive.
Friday was fucking awesome \m/. English paper went well. I mugged up a tonne of literary features and threw them in wherever I could :D. So that was good, but bleh, everything else is going to go so bad. Anywho, this one has to be short, my parents have this tendency to stop me from doing anything I like. So adios. <3