Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rant #20983109283912

"Baby I just can't get around it anymore,
You make me feel like..home is where you are."
Nice song, it just doesn't stop playing in my head over and over and over again. Bethany Joy Lenz has really nice compositions, they suit my voice too :).
My fishes look like cute little golden sperms. Notice the way they're in all my recent posts? I have no life. Yay.
Math is still being an awful bitch, I need to work on it to get my average higherrrrr. Bah, but by pure calculations, I'm currently at an 83.3%, which isn't that bad..but everyone in our school does nothing but live in a rat race. So in order to fit my fat ass into the entire game, I must strive for more. Bah.
So back to the fish. I gave them a bath today - which means I cleaned their fish bowl. God for two tiny little things they sure do shit a lot. Especially considering the size of the pellets they get each day. They're like the dot on the letter i on this blog.
I've been having an overdose of Fresh Prince of Bel Air ever since I got broadband and it's fucking annoying that I've started to think like he talks, you know, the whole wasssup dawg thing. >_< Ack. Oh well, at least he's funny.
My ankle's messed up. And it doesn't stop hurting :(.
I miss everyone from school, but sometimes they make me wonder if they're even worth the trouble. *sigh*
Oh god I feel another pepperoni pizza craving coming up, I must go now. Byebye.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Oh god, headache. I hate fucking study leaves. I end up doing shitall work and have these huge headspins. And it doesn't help that I just banged my heel against the bottom of a chair in the process of shifting myself from the chair to the bed. Bah, conclusion of the day: study leaves cause massive body injuries. School's should ban exams.
I'm a cribby crab *scuttles around*. My creativity is really horrible. I'm repeating everything I'm saying to people on msn on this post. Oh well, it's all the same. At least I'm not a plagiarising copycat. Anita Desai on the other hand, is. Though it sucks that it was disclosed. Stupid competitive people from Harvard. They were going to make a movie on Opal Mehta, one of those fun-to-watch, leave-your-brains-aside chick flicks. I love those kind, with popcorn. *cruuunch* But no, the Harvard nerdies had to ruin my movie-watching dreams for me.
What's the most interesting thing in my life nowadays? You mean besides the whole newfounded obsession with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? That would be my fish. I love them. I would be pretty upset if they died. I am anticipating it. Why? Cuz most of the sites on goldfish say that they're the easiest pets to lose =(. Stupid fish. [LOVE]
HAHA. I love Salad Fingers. Archit just linked me their first episode. He finds rusty spoons orgasmic. How lovely ^_^. You HAVE to watch it. You'd either get extremely repulsed or love it, like I do.
Anywho, that's all for now. I should get back to doing what I do best.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pipsqueak and Pooch are the shit! What would we do without puns?

Belated happy birthday to me. *has a mini e-celebration on her blog*
Ok we're done here, wrap it up.
Pshaw, exams are mean whores..I have mine in 15 days and I just HAD to be born bang in the middle of the study leave. Oh well, all's well that ends well. Even if that makes no sense in context. I'm still quoting! *takes credit anyway*
I acoustic guitar. I will learn to play it and I will finally compose. I got FISHES! So here's a shoutout to my homies from the fishbowl. O_o I mean..this is for my adorably clueless dumbfuck-thinkalike fishes :) who I've named Pipsqueak and Pooch. I like birthdays. And the cake was yummilicious. Rimjhim forgot my birthday. She will burn in hell. God will see to that! *says the atheist*
Anywho, how's exam preparation? I am not answering that question so too bad.
I still love Cyanide and Happiness. Why am I saying this? Because in the middle, I'd randomly completely lost interest. And now I'm back on it like the addict that I am.
We had our farewell last Friday. And then the after party at Prive, which was prrretty interesting. The juniors did an amazing job with it, skit and everything and they deserve as much, if not more, applaud than my fishes :O, and that's saying something.
Hmm, except that my fishes shit a lot, and don't start screaming ew like a constipated pink bitch when I say this, but they their own shit O_O.
There's a lot more to say here. But some things are better left unsaid.
I am so done with this post! And if you're on of those silent stalking readers, who REFUUUSE to leave comments, just..have a semi-prayer *if not a full one* for me in your heads so that I don't fail that miserably in my exams. Thank you. Bye.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I ripped off my facebook favourite quotes :)

"It's only in the black of nights you see the stars, and those stars lead you back home.."

"Because it's not fair to love you in chains.."

"If the silence takes you
Then I hope it takes me too
So brown eyes I hold you near
Cause you’re the only song I want to hear
A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere.."

"Stay with me, lay with me
Lean on me, call on me
Run with me, dream with me
Pray with me, fall on me
Whenever you need me
I'll be by your side
As sure as the sun's gonna rise.."

"Fake your laughter
Burn the tear
Sing it louder
Twist and shout.."

"Something inside says it's easier
To push you away but stay and
Hold on love
Even when I cry all night
Even when I swear I don't love you
Just hold on love.."

"The things that we don't comprehend
Are laughing at my mind again..
Sometimes things that you ignore
Are all the things I'm looking for..
Portraits of your loved ones
Are more than what you see
All the elements they capture
Are more to you than me
A different dimension we've yet to define
There's a forest to cut through with thorns and vines
There is no reason not to try.."

"All I know of love is that love is all there is."

"To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn't be good enough
For me, no.."

Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's official. My family is insane. There's a grand canyon between our flow of thoughts. I hate this shit.

Peppermint = love.

Mmm, so the mommy-hatred is pretty much past tense. She always manages to work me up. How annoying. She shouldn't be allowed to get to me like that! Bah. >_<
I just had a cute little one hour math session :), it's nicer like that. I love peppermint cigarettes. Haha, the name of the brand is Phantom. And they have these random did-you-know facts on the boxes. Did you know that the Nile is 6759 kms long, making it the longest river in the world? Well, Phantom sweet cigarettes sure did. That's how smart they are. There's this other box that has a find the difference game on it. And along the side of the box it says "Play game and enjoy!" Haha, I love Indian brands.
Meh, funny boxes with amazing candy in them aside, life's annoying me. Applications are messing my brain up. My family is really not letting me do what I want. I would love to work with my dad for his business, but there's this part of me that feels that I'm letting go off my own dreams for his, rather I'm letting go of the dreams I have for myself for the dreams of us together, O_o too dreamy yeah? Ugh. I want to do psychology. I swear to god I'm going to transfer to friggin' SMU and get that double degree. Maybe the extra years will help in getting my mind unmuddled. For now though, I have mega huge exams to tackle, with monstrous math. Thankfully I have yummy peppermint cigar thingies to tickle my sweet tooth :]. I've already eaten three of them while writing this.
*runs off, still munching on yumsticks*

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just one stupid

The calm after the storm. My moods better now. Hopefully she's not going to do it again. There is residual anger but it'll subside eventually. Thankfully dad didn't go crazy over the tattoo. Oh well, fuck everything. *grrs*


Mum = stupid. And yes, I'd use way stronger words if I could. Why is she such a..a..*BAD WORD HERE*?! Aaaargh, who DOES that? HOW can someone who's lived such a friggin' long ass 40+ years life not know the basic concept of trust? Stupid woman. It's not about what she says, it's about the fact that she EVEN says it, no matter what the reason, you're just NOT supposed to do such stuff. Why doesn't she have the brains enough to understand when to stfu?
Godddd. Fuck. Here's to never letting her know anything at all. This better make her happier. @#%$@*$)#@$#.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's your day today, whee.

Ooop, I just noticed the date on the top of my post. It's April's Fools day! How nice. I did nothing to fool anyone, and nobody fooled me. And neither did anyone around me bother fooling anyone else. How fun. I did however eat yummy dragon chicken. God, at the rate I'm going I'm gna end up having to get liposuction done. Anywhooo, good day to all the fools out there, maybe the world's playing a joke on me and it's actually not April's Fools day after all. Or is that thinking too much?

Happy April's Fools day!

Yay. xx *runs away*


So as usual blogger has decided to feel extra hungry and has successfully gobbled all a major chunk of my blog. This lazy bum isn't going to bother doing it all over again and isn't even going to inform you of what was in there, it's all random ranting anyway. There's Mika playing and it's disgusting. I must change the song. Yay. Jack off Jill now, American made. Me like.
I'm currently undergoing major headspin, there's so much I haven't done math..I have past papers and stupid catching up to do. I'm going to sleep way early today. But before that I really need to do a past paper. Oh god. I can't do so much! I can'tttttt, my heaaaaaaad. *dies*
God, if only I got a penny (or ruppee) for each time I've died in this blog, I'd use all my money to live somewhere far far away from any NUMBER in sight. Yucksome.
The unidentified ant/mosquito hickeys on my feet are getting really annoying. And I want to take off my lenses.
I'm getting worried now, not only for all subjects other than math, but for college applications. Everyone's getting in everywhere and it's annoying me cuz I know my deadlines and application dates are later but it's still scary to have so many people around you getting into places, and knowing exactly where they're heading when you have no clue, and the only place you've applied and gotten into is a place you'd only go to if every other university was bombed and exploded to bits. *sigh* there are NO cute guys there, but that's not what I want from college! Ahhh. *dies* yeah, there I go again, dying out on this shitface of a blog.
I'm really getting annoyed writing here now, I sometimes have this annoying tendency of working myself up over crap and then I start typing really hard and I might just rip my laptop's keypad apart. That won't be nice now would it? Especially considering it's my lifeline. Ok enough now, this is getting too long, and way too serious for my liking. Farewell's coming up. I need a dress. Yuck. *dies again*
OMG, bye al-fucking-ready.