Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So as usual blogger has decided to feel extra hungry and has successfully gobbled all a major chunk of my blog. This lazy bum isn't going to bother doing it all over again and isn't even going to inform you of what was in there, it's all random ranting anyway. There's Mika playing and it's disgusting. I must change the song. Yay. Jack off Jill now, American made. Me like.
I'm currently undergoing major headspin, there's so much I haven't done yet..like math..I have past papers and stupid catching up to do. I'm going to sleep way early today. But before that I really need to do a past paper. Oh god. I can't do so much! I can'tttttt, my heaaaaaaad. *dies*
God, if only I got a penny (or ruppee) for each time I've died in this blog, I'd use all my money to live somewhere far far away from any NUMBER in sight. Yucksome.
The unidentified ant/mosquito hickeys on my feet are getting really annoying. And I want to take off my lenses.
I'm getting worried now, not only for all subjects other than math, but for college applications. Everyone's getting in everywhere and it's annoying me cuz I know my deadlines and application dates are later but it's still scary to have so many people around you getting into places, and knowing exactly where they're heading when you have no clue, and the only place you've applied and gotten into is a place you'd only go to if every other university was bombed and exploded to bits. *sigh* there are NO cute guys there, but that's not what I want from college! Ahhh. *dies* yeah, there I go again, dying out on this shitface of a blog.
I'm really getting annoyed writing here now, I sometimes have this annoying tendency of working myself up over crap and then I start typing really hard and I might just rip my laptop's keypad apart. That won't be nice now would it? Especially considering it's my lifeline. Ok enough now, this is getting too long, and way too serious for my liking. Farewell's coming up. I need a dress. Yuck. *dies again*
OMG, bye al-fucking-ready.

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