Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Oh god, headache. I hate fucking study leaves. I end up doing shitall work and have these huge headspins. And it doesn't help that I just banged my heel against the bottom of a chair in the process of shifting myself from the chair to the bed. Bah, conclusion of the day: study leaves cause massive body injuries. School's should ban exams.
I'm a cribby crab *scuttles around*. My creativity is really horrible. I'm repeating everything I'm saying to people on msn on this post. Oh well, it's all the same. At least I'm not a plagiarising copycat. Anita Desai on the other hand, is. Though it sucks that it was disclosed. Stupid competitive people from Harvard. They were going to make a movie on Opal Mehta, one of those fun-to-watch, leave-your-brains-aside chick flicks. I love those kind, with popcorn. *cruuunch* But no, the Harvard nerdies had to ruin my movie-watching dreams for me.
What's the most interesting thing in my life nowadays? You mean besides the whole newfounded obsession with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? That would be my fish. I love them. I would be pretty upset if they died. I am anticipating it. Why? Cuz most of the sites on goldfish say that they're the easiest pets to lose =(. Stupid fish. [LOVE]
HAHA. I love Salad Fingers. Archit just linked me their first episode. He finds rusty spoons orgasmic. How lovely ^_^. You HAVE to watch it. You'd either get extremely repulsed or love it, like I do. http://www.fat-pie.com/salad.htm.
Anywho, that's all for now. I should get back to doing what I do best.


Che said...

Well I wish my life was half as interesting. I am caught in the vicious loop of working sleeping drinking. Once in a while writing accidentally happens. Just 2 blogs and 2 poems this year so far and look at you managing 2 blogs!
Well I am glad you tripped over my pebble of a blog on the unpaved roads of blogistan. You make for an interesting read. keep writing.

Abdul Chowdhury said...

Interesting writing.. I like the way you take the m-u-n-d-an-e out of mundane and make it seem so..intriguing.
Keep posting.

Alok said...

After seeing the link, I thought, "Oh great! (Damn) Something to fuel my net addiction!"

And now I am in a stupor. :|


Ankita Wasan said...

Haha, is that a good stupor or bad stupor?

Alok said...

Let's just say that my brain stopped responding to normal things after I watched that flash movie.

And guess what? I saw episode 2. And I'm never going to that site again!

Ankita Wasan said...

Oh pshh, it's not that bad.
Well maybe it is for the not-so-weird hearted.
As I said, it's either repulsion or addiction, I just swing the wrong way :P.

Urvi Mittal said...

so hey. Anita Desai didn't write Opal Mehta, she wrote A Village by the Sea, which is a reallly gooood book. Opal Mehta was written by Kaavya Viswanathan


Ankita Wasan said...

Oh god I always do that - call it the annoying habit of always mixing up all of those female Indian fiction writers out there.
Kaavya*** it is.
xD thanks Urvi.