Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's official. My family is insane. There's a grand canyon between our flow of thoughts. I hate this shit.


Rikshit said...


sweet_saniya said...

i agree with u!
its sooo very true!

Atul Mongia said...

Dear Ankita

I read some of your postings in prose. It takes courage to outpour one's feelings. Also it takes a complex entity to feel deeply and react even more. And you admit to it, which again takes courage.

With regard to your writing you have a lot of potential, I can see you becoming a writer someday. With time you will find a direction in your life, (I'm not preaching coz I'm older,heck, I'm still finding mine). With time you will garner more compassion than what you already feel. We'll wait for the day and wish you the very best for it.

With warmth