Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rant #20983109283912

"Baby I just can't get around it anymore,
You make me feel like..home is where you are."
Nice song, it just doesn't stop playing in my head over and over and over again. Bethany Joy Lenz has really nice compositions, they suit my voice too :).
My fishes look like cute little golden sperms. Notice the way they're in all my recent posts? I have no life. Yay.
Math is still being an awful bitch, I need to work on it to get my average higherrrrr. Bah, but by pure calculations, I'm currently at an 83.3%, which isn't that bad..but everyone in our school does nothing but live in a rat race. So in order to fit my fat ass into the entire game, I must strive for more. Bah.
So back to the fish. I gave them a bath today - which means I cleaned their fish bowl. God for two tiny little things they sure do shit a lot. Especially considering the size of the pellets they get each day. They're like the dot on the letter i on this blog.
I've been having an overdose of Fresh Prince of Bel Air ever since I got broadband and it's fucking annoying that I've started to think like he talks, you know, the whole wasssup dawg thing. >_< Ack. Oh well, at least he's funny.
My ankle's messed up. And it doesn't stop hurting :(.
I miss everyone from school, but sometimes they make me wonder if they're even worth the trouble. *sigh*
Oh god I feel another pepperoni pizza craving coming up, I must go now. Byebye.

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