Thursday, April 3, 2008

Peppermint = love.

Mmm, so the mommy-hatred is pretty much past tense. She always manages to work me up. How annoying. She shouldn't be allowed to get to me like that! Bah. >_<
I just had a cute little one hour math session :), it's nicer like that. I love peppermint cigarettes. Haha, the name of the brand is Phantom. And they have these random did-you-know facts on the boxes. Did you know that the Nile is 6759 kms long, making it the longest river in the world? Well, Phantom sweet cigarettes sure did. That's how smart they are. There's this other box that has a find the difference game on it. And along the side of the box it says "Play game and enjoy!" Haha, I love Indian brands.
Meh, funny boxes with amazing candy in them aside, life's annoying me. Applications are messing my brain up. My family is really not letting me do what I want. I would love to work with my dad for his business, but there's this part of me that feels that I'm letting go off my own dreams for his, rather I'm letting go of the dreams I have for myself for the dreams of us together, O_o too dreamy yeah? Ugh. I want to do psychology. I swear to god I'm going to transfer to friggin' SMU and get that double degree. Maybe the extra years will help in getting my mind unmuddled. For now though, I have mega huge exams to tackle, with monstrous math. Thankfully I have yummy peppermint cigar thingies to tickle my sweet tooth :]. I've already eaten three of them while writing this.
*runs off, still munching on yumsticks*


BIG Omi said...

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Best Regards.


Ethereal_princess said...

I love Phantom ciggies!!
I keep eating them! *sigh*
*gets fatter than humanly possible* o_o