Sunday, December 28, 2008

A day in the life of holidays.

Living in Kharghar kinda sucks. Its way too far from all of my friends, but then again, it has its plus points, though right now, the one plus point that makes up for any kind of loss is..a source of loss. I lost something this morning - and I'm never going to get it back. It To think 18th April couldn't wait. No, I was not ready!! Makes me feel horrible. And slow. And sluggish. I just don't want to do anything :(
Anyway, went to the beach this morning with my family. It was nice. Place called Nargao. The prawns were yummy ^_^ and there was this cool roti thing made out of rice flour. Oh oh and for the first time in my life, I actually liked eating fish. Go Surmai! :]
Eep and I feel disconnected from college, I have so much work to do! And some of it I don't even know about yet. Just leaving it all for after new years. Which btw reminds me, I have zero new year plans. Nothing whatsoever. Even my antisocial parents have plans. But me? Nuh uh. No plaaans.
Oh god I'm feeling blah. And the reason for my blahness is out fixing a car. Just perfecccct.
(until next time)

Thursday, December 25, 2008


I'm that lame ^_^.
I'm home! And I'm confused. About certain things. Including me. And certain other things. This doesn't have to make sense but who am I? :( This is frustrating.
Ok I'm done with that. I'm home! And dad went to Nashik today and he'll be back today so I'll get good food (yes, this is indeed the part where my ramblings are just out of having nothing else to say). I played squash and went to the place I was planning to go to ever since..a month back.
Anywhoooo, merry christmas (plum cake and mistletoe <3 :D).
Loves and cookies with milk,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho hum.

Wow. So it's been long. And so MUCH has changed. I'm such a douche when it comes to maintaining this thing properly..but I'm getting back now. Writing is an important part of me and I won't let it go that easy :) but then again, there are things more important to me in my life now. Let's just brief up on everything that's changed so far. List? Ok then. Tada! (and Voila!)
  1. Love. Gay mushy love. No more comments.
  2. So as per the last post I'm supposed to be in Sophia's, but thankfully, I'm not, I'm in FLAME Pune and I love life here. So far.
  3. My parents are getting older - but I feel much more connected to them.
  4. My grandparents are getting sicker - but I give them much more attention now, something I should've done a long time back.
  5. I've gotten so involved in things here (out of choice) that I've neglected things from the past e.g. old friends and my goldfish, oh and writing for a while too. Oops. Sorry blog.
  6. I have everything I want. And maybe a little more.
  7. I love Uno and those small, wild, khatta meetha berries from stalls on the road.
  8. I have a lot of new stuff toys: Ee, Nunu, Piglet and Mr. Piggles.
  9. My cellphone has an answering machine now.
  10. I got elected vice-captain of FSLE and captain of my batch (yay me!) but somewhere along the way got totally discouraged. Eh.
  11. Little confused about my future.
  12. Aand finally, GPA last semester, as per my calculations = 9.3! Whee!
Still happy. Still striving. Zest for life a little higher now that IB is over. Christmas holidays going on. Love them. Going back home tomorrow! Can't wait.
Merry Xmas. Though Santa's pretty much an excuse for merriment, and it's perfect :D.