Sunday, April 12, 2015


I'm borderline happy and I'm borderline sad
I'm borderline good and I'm borderline bad.

Good lyrics, good song, even better remix.

More to come on the relevance of these lines. I'm so sleepy. It's like 4 AM. Finally sleep kicks in!

Okay bye.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Okay quick update: I have started watching the Mindy Project instead of the previous show I was binge slash obsessively watching (Veronica Mars). Also, I continue to use the voice recognition on my phone to be able to very lazily write these posts.

Not much has changed since the last time I wrote but that is because I have chosen a life of stagnation and complete self-destruction. And by destruction I'm referring to lack of construction.

Right now things are a full stop, a line, a graph of no speed, a plateau, a levelled surface, a pause in the blimp of time, a stop everything and wallow, a.....okay I'm done.


Ps: I forgot to mention this before but my proudest achievement today was managing to pour an entire bowl of milk without any splashes or drops falling outside. Go me.