Monday, March 31, 2008

The day before fool's paradise

Yeah, so what're my plans for the big day? Go to school for the 9th last time as a school girl in my LIFE. Whee! Talk about fun. A few people got together and made a year book for our entire batch and its reaally good :D. Me is happy cuz my page is the bomb <3.>that! Eh. Shut up. I was saying..math is a bitch and a half. I have no idea how I'm going to manage a damn seven. It's unfair the way they don't give us a second type II portfolio. Bitches. MEGABITCHES. Grr. I will kill them. Oza has a huge ass. It's ok though, Tarini still loves him.
I'm done here. School's still annoying and agonisingly irritating. There are the last few days left and I'm going to be sad that it's all over. Five years. All done. Teartearsniffsniff and all that. Here's to graduation :D. Byebye.

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