Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This is going to sound cliched..

But I would die without music. It's my pill and solution to everything, along with the reason I feel alive. A bit much I suppose? Yeah, but it's true. I was feeling pretty low and stupid for no particular reason and the second I turned the volume up it was all gone. The sounds just crawl under my skin and spread serenity right through me, from head to toe. So yay to music and everything it does to me. Nothing will ever compare.
And speaking of comparisons, why does everything, and I mean everything have to be about comparison? If everyone would just take things the way they are and not try to over analyse them - just accept instead of constantly trying to rank how good something is, life would be much much better. But oh well, people will be people, the world's still going round right?
Hmm, so today was a bomb, I got up late and did nothing ^_^. I love holidays. Math is still swamping me over, I'm blinded by the overdose of it all. Eugh. *hurl*
I still LOVE Grey's Anatomy. Season 2 has twenty fucking seven episodes! Yay. *excitement*
So that's all for today. Alohaaa. *dances around in a grass skirt*


Rikshit said...

Well seems I'm not the only music maniac!

Nim said...

u noe wot?? grey's anatomy amazingly funny...m glad ur watchin it..alohaa 2 u 2...^_^