Monday, March 17, 2008

Hello, says the procrastinator.

So here I am, in the whole rigmarole of making excuses again. Which I said I won't do, but I am going to anyway - I was busy. With final submissions. And then having enough fun to make up for the torturous moments of the final submissions. Anywho, I'm here now so you may as well cherish the moments I'm spending here. Or words I'm typing here, whichever way you want to put it. Used the bus today after a long while, went to town and figured I had no other way of getting back home. I saved 190 Rs. And I'm not even maadu.
Blubface and I finally started to watch Grey's Anatomy and finished season one. I love the theme song - Nobody knows. It's stuck in my head right now.
Saw 27 Dresses too, it's nice, in a sick gay manner, yeah it's nice.
And tomorrow I shall see Juno. I hope I like it.
Did I mention that math has taken over this ongoing mid term break of mine? I have a timetable that rigorously covers the entire portion and I've somehow managed to follow it so far, let's see how lucky I continue to be henceforth.
I got a 6 in all my subjects, and that too without studying, except math. Which is unbelievable because I actually love math. That's proof #1 for how twisted the world is, and I assure you that list of proofs goes on to at least a billion.
I love writing poems. It's a nice way of handling my emotions. Someone commented on one of them and made me realise that I suck at emotions. I'm fucking horrible at them, and by them I mean my emotions, somehow I end up being really good with others' emotions. Eh, I confuse myself. And writing somehow helps in organising some of the messes in my head. But that's ok right? Yeah it is.
That's my ramble for today. I'll try to be regular. I need to be regular. Writing is good mind-organisation, yepyep ^_^. Byeo.

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Nirmal's Blog said...

ya do write feels good...
bout submissions even i went through tat for 4 yrs...i knw it sucks big time.....
if u can write poems its a grt art.....
happy living..