Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Right. So. I don't get the deal with parents. To think that with 17 years of practice I wouldn't have some knowledge of how to figure them out. They're so crabby and..and..icky. >_<
My phone was confiscated for a day. Just a day. What are they trying to do?! It's so confusing. They're full of mixed signals. "You just need to want it, then you'll get it." and then next second, "Oh, wanting isn't enough!" Now wtf am I supposed to make of that? Forget that even. Even if I let that go there's the entire issue of the pointlessness of screaming. Fear of those..eeeevil parents of mine is not going to make me do my work, I don't get why instead of putting in so much energy into screaming, why can't they channel all of it into helping. Help how you might say? Just be there. Make sure I'm doing my work. Don't just punish me when I don't. There's a difference between being a good parent and a hard working one. Unfortunately mine don't know the difference.
Urgh. Whatever. I'm sitting in school right now. In the middle of the LC and its cold. And doing math isn't that warming. I'm loaded with 2 hours worth of just homework. It's like she thinks we're machines. So I'll just say *sigh* again. This rant is going to end now cuz I'm poff. Pfffffft xP.

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