Friday, March 21, 2008

What I want

I want so much out of life. It's crazy how fast I can name so many things I want to do. But out of them, today, I can pick exactly what I want. It's not concrete, but I want to set up my dad's dreams with him. Everyday he'd come back home and tell me all about what he's done throughout the day, he'd treat me like an adult and share his ideas and give much more than just a shit about my opinions on them, sometimes even pull them out of me, unintentionally of course, all of which just make me relive his experiences, in a subtle kinda way. I want to do exactly what he does, but with more independence and with more control. What made me decide? It was simple. Sunderban. The rich and flourishing delta of West Bengal. The place where despite the abundant resources there's poverty - a lot of poverty. The place where the price of land speaks for itself - almost Rs 2.5 per square foot in comparison to Mumbai's Rs 6000+, but those are just facts, facts that point towards what I want to do. Facts that scream into my head saying if an area that has so much richness to offer has such poverty, the rest of India's suffering in the same way, probably worse. I want to travel around India and experience the pain of all the people in my country and help them, through my dad's dreams. I want to go back and touch the primitive state the people in this country live in. I want to share their hopes and understand their thoughts. I want to do so much it's annoying O_o. And so I'm listening to Living Darfur, by Mattafix, an amazing song, that's going to help me keep my current hyper feeling alive enough so that I actually get to what I want. *fingers crossed* I'm out. Byebye.


Rikshit said...

count me in!

Ethereal_princess said...

I love your ideas Ankies..
You CAN be sensible at times :) :P