Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I'm going to start off by saying..no, I don't feel good. I feel horrible in fact. And I don't get what I did wrong enough to be treated unlike other people. Just because my supervisor wasn't as understanding as others why do I get screwed? And what is wrong with the school! I'm IN school and they don't even bother looking for me before calling up my dad. How senseless. It's not like I didn't finish it, I had it ready for them..all he ended up doing was causing havoc at home and making my dad, and me, feel like shit. Fucking bastard. I swear if I ever come across him in my life in a non-schooling atmosphere, I'm gna slit his wrists with the bluntest, most rusted blade I can find. I hate him. Haaaate him. Hate him.
So, I'm going to end off by saying..no, I don't feel good. I feel fucking horrible and ill-treated in fact.

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Anonymous said...

you'll probably never meet the bastard outside school.
ive got a couple of people like that and the only teachers i meet out are the ones who have my a mojor chunk of my grades so