Monday, January 28, 2008

Crap. There're only ten minutes left. And I love you!

Yes, it's another one of the special one's birthdays today, and me being the lazy procrastinator, have waited till the last minute to write this up. Omg I have to hurry to make it to the deadline and I MUST put it up during the 27th of January >_<. So, Kirtika, KC, Kitty, blah de blah. My favourite being her actual name cuz the rest just make her seem either like a meowing pussycat, or some cool "yo" DJ. DJ KC. Haha, the sound of that is funny. Anyway, this chick hawwt, this chick nasty, this chick rocks maaaa sawwwwks. Yuck. Rephrase, she's awesome <3. standard ="].">
  • She's smart. Physics. Fucking hell, I'm like one of those n00bie lost idiots and there she is discussing all kinds of einstein worthy things that make me feel like a brainless nitwit, which is not a good thing, but the fact that your smart is :P.
  • She's hawt. Oh yeah, she's tall and she's hawt. She will make you want to craaaave for a piece.
  • She's fun! She deals with my randomness the way it comes and unlike many people I know, she accepts it and either joins in or laughs it off. Stop laughing it off loser! Joining in makes life funner. <3u.
  • We love Mr. Pande! HE'S MINE, obviously, but since she loves him too, she's cool and has good choice in tv-on-their-tummy-less teletubbies.
  • She won't take shit from no one. No one at all. Not even me. You go girl! Wheee.
  • She goes RED when I talk about a certain something. Haha, you know what I'm saying. How long did it last?! You're so blushing right now. <3.
  • She loves me. Oh yes she does.
  • I'm having an affair with her. Hopefull Nimisha will not read this.
  • She's my strengthee partner! You get shot put, I get discus xD!
  • This is number ten in the list. Yes, that's what I love about her. The fact that this list is lasting up to number ten.
  • She's a nerd-like, non-nerd. :D.
  • She makes me hot :O.
  • She loves me. Oh yes she does. (7 and 13 are unlucky numbers. No that is not relevant.)
  • I'm bored of this list. And we both love POOKIE!
  • I love you man. Enough of this list now. You're probably getting bored reading it now.
  • Yeah. So, everything included, you're great to have around, and I'm thinking of when you won't be around and when you'll be coming up with some scientific theory in some corner of the MIT building with loads of your nerdy scientist friends around you, and it makes me sad. I will miss you and our hot nights a lot :(. I love you much much, even if I don't say it much. <3

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