Monday, January 21, 2008

Does it suck that I don't have a title?

Heh, that's a full-fledged oxymoron right there, cuz you is a title, just that it says that there isn't a title, but it actually is a title even though it says that it isn't a title..and so on and so forth in a chain that goes on to infinity like the limit of a harmonic series. Fucking hell, math high. Random conversation time!

Blubby: I'm baaack! I had soup =]
Ankie: No. You're living in denial.
Blubby: Huh?
Ankie: In actuality, the soup had you for dinner.

That, my friends, is a clear example of what TOK does to your head. But this time, it wasn't TOK. It was boredom. Maybe that means TOK = boredom. Makes sense to me. Maybe that's why there's so much yawning during TOK sessions. I hate the fact that I've typed the T-word so many times so from now on, it's not "T**" it's the T-word. That's also pretty pointless cuz I'm pretty sure I'm never going to use the T-word again. Yuck. What a bad chain of thought.
I had sev puri, and noodles, and I'm stuffed. My eyes feel really heavy too, cuz of sitting on the computer for so long just doing EE, or maybe it's the lenses, who knows. My good deo's over. The blue nike one. Now there's the horribly strong smelling pink one left. Mosquitoes still suck and I'm thinking of way too many things to pen them all down right now, so I'm going to take my whirlwind of thoughts to a little corner and murder them with a spork.
Love, Me. And boy are you lucky to be getting my love. Yeah, bye.


Urvi said...

i'm in it!!!!!!!!
oui, the 'T-word' sucks
i love your stuufffff!!
keep writing! and tell me when you update!

Ankita Wasan said...

Haha, yes Blubby, how's it like in the soup's tummy? xD.

Urvi Mittal* said...

the soup's tummy is rather spacious
i seem to be having my own room
avec a laptop and my own cell phone
not tooo shabby...
my word verification is wqeselo
i like it!

Ankita Wasan said...

THAT coming from bio HL student makes me wonder what you do in bio class. But then again, I know when your poem was written :P.

Rikshit said...

Man people actually visit ur blog... iv been the only visitor on mine for centuries now WTF! o_O