Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shoot your gun

Oh, baby, won't you cry <3. here ="/." style="font-style: italic;">nowhere, this old man started screaming at me from across the road. I was on the phone, cuz walking on the road alone and doing nothing is my least favourite thing in the world, and he screams, "Hey! Young laddyyyy, keep your phone safe, someone will come and rob it and run away!" Reaction #1: Wtf old man?! Reaction #2: Yes, thank you for your concerns. And then he says it again like I'm the one all old and saggy and deaf so Reaction #3: *blank stare* *walk away*. To think there would be a limit to serving others, here's a guy creeping the hell out of poor little creatures like me, who walk on the road on a cold winter day minding their own business and doing no harm. Unless you consider the bacteria around me. I'm a murderer :D.
That's all folks, I must go sharpen my knives - comes to a point when even flesh can make it blunt.
*Sigh* byebye.

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