Friday, January 25, 2008

Just another day.

Yep, except that my exams are closer, that I'm applying to Hong Kong, and that I'm going to fail! I fear being rejected really. I've tried to pretend to not care, but secretly (or not so secretly) inside, I know that if I'm rejected I would feel like a complete and total loser. My grades are horrible :(. Bah! Whatever. Anywho, it's for business anyway, and I'm more into psychology. But I could do both too. Ahhh, screw this. I'm gna apply to FLAME. They better want me cuz I secretly (yes, secretly again) love them! ^_^
Haha, I'm looking at *someone*'s pictures on facebook and it's hilarious how they're so ugly and everyones comments are about how they look amazing. Funny how so many things revolve around perception. In fact everything runs around perceptions. Omg. It's like every word that's uttered from my mouth comes back around to TOK. Daaamnit! >_<
I think mum's home. And I did two hours of grueling math. Enough to make my brain feel like a fried omlette, the spoilt one that got thrown in with the trash right next to the stinky, half eaten apple. Oh god I think I've spelt omlette wrong. If it's wrong then, erm, I owe my blog an apology. And if not, then my brain owes me an apology for confusing me. =/ Wtf am I on?!
God. Bye.


TinTin said...

OBLONG..Go figure

Ankita Wasan said...

-tries to figure-
Err..not working.

urviii!! said...

whose pictures whose pictures?!?!?!

i wanna see too!!

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