Saturday, January 26, 2008

Maroon5 and a day out with lyrics.

"It's not always rainbows and butterflies. There are bunnies too. And some jackrabbits. You know what they're good at!"
Someone extremely funny and amazing said that. And it made me laugh. And that person then looked like a deranged lunatic. No you're not going to understand this.
There's Princess Diaries coming on television. And it's just playing - no one's watching it. Mum's cooking and I'm busy typing about the most irrelevant crap ever known to man =/.
Things are way better at home nowadays. Mr. MuffinMan from McDonalds, the one from Shrek, and Mr. SmallUnnamedStuffToy are sitting in one corner of my desk looking adorable. My iPod is suddenly looking pretty fat, especially in comparison to the new "5th" generation ones. Everything around me is cluttered. My dad hates that. How dare he. It's me expressing my messy creativity! Pfft.
Yuck. There's some extra sweet coated with sugar song playing on TV, what a waste of listening. And electricity. And typing too. God the sheer pointlessness of everything is annoying me.
I used to have a dog once. A Labrador named Chikita. Why Chikita? Cuz she was chocolate brown in colour and her name had to be like mine =]. She walked with such a swing, weird for a dog. She was so cute ^_^. I want a kitten now. No one gives me any kittens! =[
Today I did a lot of math. Or tried to. I'm getting increasingly scared about my coming exams. And I keep trying to do anything but preparing. Bah. It's not like I haven't done shit all, but still not good enough. Our school's pretty fucked up too that way. Which school, in their senses, would dump a tonne of assignments on you just days before the mocks?! Ours. Yep. DAIS. One of the most reputed schools in Mumbai. Screw them. Bah, humbug. Me sheep. You Jane? O_o.
This is going to end up weird.

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