Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I was just telling someone.. the letters D and F are the hottest letters in the alphabet. And it's true. Without those two sound everything would sound so soft and feeble. They're like thunderous words that dramatise each word that they come in. DDDDD <3 FFFFF! <3.
If that didn't make sense, it's fine, I don't expect it to neither did I intend it to. By Friday, I plan on finishing my personal statement and my TOK essay (Final first draft) and finishing revising chemistry. Yep, it's a lot but I'm going to try and do it. Yuck. I'm not looking forward. Then again, Big Audacious Goals says someone I respect, though sometimes that someone baffles me. I don't understand the lack of communication between us, it's so apparent from the way each of our discussions end up. Maybe he should stop trying to be my friend, or maybe he should decide what role he plays in my life for sure. It's so annoying how when it comes to certain things it's almost like I have to pretend to like him. It kills me inside =/, but it's just how I feeeeel. Ok enough emotional rambling, there's been a lot of it recently >_<. Argh IB!
Tomorrow's sports day and so I get a day off :D. So tomorrow I can finish everything I need to. Hopefully.
Oh and I've stopped wearing lenses to school. Weird decision, but I just have. Also, I love onion pakodas, even though they taste a LOT more like potato than onion.
Later. Me. xx

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