Sunday, January 27, 2008

Deletion! Damnations.

How dare blogger randomly delete a part of my post?! No, I did not write the post before this like that on purpose, it just hungrily gobbled a whole chunk of my post. I BET it was yummy. All of my posts are. That's why blogger ate it. Cannibalistic! Electronical stuff eating other electronically written stuff. I am not repeating what I wrote. Too bad. You just get to miss out on bits of my life. Boy are you missing on stuff.
OH OH OH. I finally found out what the gingerbread man that came free with the shrek happy meal from McDonald's says! He goes "Don't worry!" first, which I figured out all by my smart self, and then it says "Not my gumdrop buttons!" And erm, yeah, I had to use google for it. Sue me. Fffs.
Hahaha, and today I came across this random guy on orkut, who hunts for girls his age to talk to. Oh it was hilarious. He ran away when I told him what my age was ^_^. Yeah, he was probably looking for what every guy on orkut does. I wonder what the legal age limit for sex in India is anyway? Hmm. And I wonder why suing for underage sex happens only in the USA, funny country that. Stanford's there. I'm going to go to Stanford eventually. Ohhh yes I will. You can't stop me, mainly because you're just a blog. Wait, when I say "you" I'm not quite sure who I'm addressing, sometimes it's the blog, sometimes just nobody, and sometimes it's the person reading. Ah go figure.
The cats downstairs are so bloody annoying! They're wailing like a buncha babies with lack of spankings and dirty diapers, all at once =/. Ooh they're quiet now. There they go again, I just had to jinx it. My pencil desperately needs sharpening. And I need to get a lead pencil, considering that I have three cute little mini-boxes of pencil lead, but not a single working lead pencil. My world is suddenly falling apart.
No. Not really. It's hanging by a bark of wood, that needs constant supply of lignin. The lignin is a metaphor for TLC :D. So gimme love, which is tender and caring. Thank you.
Sheep are cute. And on that fluffy note, I must depart. Bye.

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