Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Be my little rock and roll queen.

That song is so addictive. British rock is so distinctive. I like <3. Yeah. Anyway, I saw this movie called Wicked, and it wasn't that stupid musical Wicked with the horrible OST. Weird movie, it bordered on incest and was about murder. I liked it. It has Julia Stiles and she's done a pretty good job. Oh and I downloaded the soundtrack, mainly gothic rock, and discovered this band called Jack off Jill. Haha, funny name, but good songs yeah, especially Rabitteen.
Nothing special happened today - surprise, surprise. I have to give in a huge 4000 word essay and it's so fucking horrible that everytime I even try and sit to do it..well, I don't.
Fight club and Forrest Gump are my two favourite movies <3. So is The Notebook. They have amazing quotes too ^_^. Weird how this post is so movie oriented. Goes to show how there's just nothing happening in my oh-so-exciting life. Ok, adios now. The essay beckons, along with my want to sleep.

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