Saturday, January 12, 2008

Poke. It's pretty powerful, really!

Another day of complete and total idleness. The IB does that to you - piles you with such a colossal mass of work that at the end of it, you collapse and throw it all away for later, a later which pounces back at you with much more force than it ever already was.
So I was sitting at home today right, not like that wasn't clear enough already, and my teeth start to hurt. I just got my lower braces fixed on. Pretty much synonymous to a nightmare. I couldn't even eat the darn chicken roll that mum got for me =[. What's the bet she had evil ulterior motives. Parents like doing that, torture I mean, of any kind at that. I'm like their not-so-little punching bag ^_^. Cute huh? As cute as a bruised and toothless beaten up kid could look anyway.
Hmm, teeth - check, chicken roll - check, loads of crappy assignments - check. Yep that about covers my entire uneventful day. Besides rigorous math. God I need a life. I need to get off this thing. That goes for the first post of random blabberings on this blog.
See you in a bit. Tomorrow? Maybe today, if I get too bored and decide to blabber some more :).
Until then.

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