Sunday, January 13, 2008

Poke #2. It's late. And there's no more coffee.

So here I am, once again, in the span of a few hours, but it still qualifies as the next day so you CANNOT call me obsessive. Or so I'd like to believe.
The reason I'm here, is to finally confess something that I've done a lot openly, but just penning it down makes it more official ^_^.
I love..Calvin. Yep, from his pretentious superficiality of knowing almost everything to his excessive use of eloquent verbose. That little chipmunk is the cutest creature on earth. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you honestly do not deserve to read this. The cross sign above on the right corner of your screen is just waiting to be clicked, do it, before I explode, which I actually won't cuz..I won't even know if you're here reading this, which if you do, you should comment so that I do know that you're here. Life has circles. Yes :].
So getting back to the initial point, I want a little brother like Calvin. So I can squeeze him and throw him around and make him clean my room, and hear his crazy mutterings and point and laugh at his adorableness. Overdose much? Yeah. Apologies. He's just..the most lovable, littlest monster I know. And he's mine. All mine!
And that's all. I should drink coffee and stop sounding so strange. Hmm.


david santos said...

Thanks for posting, Ankita.

Have a good weekend

Adarsh said...
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Adarsh said...

i think calvin's imagination gets slightly predictable at appened when i got this big book full of calvin's strips and by the time i was halfway through i wasnt smiling anymore because i could see the trend..i think Dilbert's the best.but that's only my opinion

Ankita Wasan said...

An overdose of anything makes you get used to it. Read a lot of Dilbert and you'd not laugh anymore either.
Dilbert's funny yeah, but he's too.. ugly, it's annoying. I wish he wasn't that ugly - maybe then I'd pay more attention to what he says.
Calvin's CUTE <3.

Ethereal_princess said...

Me wuvsie calvin tooo :D
HE'S MINE!!!!!!!!
Not yours!!!!!
I'd never get tired of calvin :D

Anonymous said...