Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Moo point! <3

After a point, lenses get annoying. They're making me squint and feel strange. Or maybe it's just the fact that I'm straining my eyes so much by glaring into a computer screen or mobile display so much. Oh blah. Haha, as far as the title's concerned, I love Joey. That guy is such a friggin' dork. Everything he says makes me wanna laugh ^_^. A cow's opinion. It just..doesn't matter. Haha. Yay FRIENDS.
I had my french orals today. They sucked. Totally expected. I'm not, yes I repeat, I'm not, excited about Maiden. I hate myself. But mostly, I hate exams. It's all their fault that the 1st of February scares the shit outta me cuz just a few days away from that date, are when the mocks start. Omg die die. Our school is stupid. Not the school, but the system and the way it's designed. But I can't complain, it's just tough to keep up that's all.
Today was a waste. I went to school for the orals and ended up in Subway sitting and munching on roast chicken breast salad with coke and lays. Yes my chemistry book was open in front of me, and no I did not read more than two lines, both of which I forgot immediately after reading them.
Bah, some of my friends from MIS are getting their farewells and it seems so strange to think about the day when I would never, ever have to go to school again and when the entire life I've lived for the past 5 years wouldn't be the same. Makes me sad :(. Aww. But there's still time so I'm going to save the extra mush for later, in May.
My new name is Yeepie. I love the sound of it. Try saying it. It feels nice rolling off your tongue =].
You know how overhearing people's conversations makes you come to conclusions about them? I'm not the kind to listen in on a conversation, but this one made me think of this person as more and MORE of a fucking leech. I mean how LEECHY can you get?! Eugh. I hate him ^_^.
Ok enough. I must go read Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and write about the different themes I see in them. First exam is English, yepyep.
Until next time, byebye.


Urvi Mittal* said...

who you talking about??!
who's the leech!?!?!
my word verification is kujybruh.
i likey!

Nim said...

heyy...i think u got sum board xam cumin soon...
jus relax .... it'll be gr8...n i like ur blog...;)