Friday, January 18, 2008


Guess who is finally DONE with a huge 4000 word essay. God, like finally. It's not absolutely complete yet, but there are only minor more changes to be made after feedback from my supervisor. Life seems sprinkled with chocolate coated gummy bears right now, especially cuz I ate pizza. <3
So, the essay was about the transcendentalist nature of Alice Walker's poetry. And it was fun to write, along with being a pain in the ass.
And this is going to be short cuz I'm fucking tired and I need my sleep.
Ps. I won gold in discus throw. Jubi-fucking-lations.


Ashish said...

You stand true to my statements towards you. As said, a kid inside. Congrats on both the achievements.

Anonymous said...

4000 word essay on um..alice
my god


Ankita Wasan said...

Yeah, it was craaazy writing it. But in the end I liked it :D. I love the transcendentalists too. And I love her poetry. Soooo yeah. It wasn't so bad.

Ethereal_princess said...

Congratulations Ankie Pankie <3 :D