Saturday, March 14, 2015

Two kinds of people in the world a lie!

Everything has shades of grey, everything!

And people change. The entire term "persona" didn't enter the English vocabulary just by itself - it means people change.

Man, if the whole world could ever get categorized into two kinds of people who just stay the same all through, you're looking at a whole bunch of upset English literarians who wasted years on studying Hamlet.

Which is why judging yourself, and holding grudges against other people is a futile exercise. Everyone changes. Everyone is always changing. Your openness to accepting change - in others and in yourself - will decide how happy you are. And holding on to the past is a bag of misery. Cherish it, don't let it pull you down. 

I am not the person I used to be, I am better, and I will continue to become better - nice first words to lay the foundation of humanity.

Ah these words of wisdom! Snake's skin y'all, snake's skin. 


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