Thursday, March 5, 2015


Ed Sheeran's pretty good. For real. For once pop music has some real talent. And he's so young! Where do you come from boy? I've had him on play every night as I go to sleep. Great companion for bed, puts me right to sleep. Pun? Where? What pun?

Work is so funny. I haven't slept okay for then past few nights so even though it's 8 PM I'm grandma-ing it tonight (minus the loosie whities), it's sleepytime for me wayyy before the usual 1 o clock. 

Also my hair is nice and oiled (oxymoron?), there is a towel protecting the gooeyness from spreading all over my gorgeous new pillow covers and sheets (refer, previous blog), and I have brushed my teeth after a wayyyyyy early dinner. I even drank warm water. 

Someone check my goddamn temperature. Who am I? What have I become? Nyooooooo. (Although the fact that I'm postponing sleepy time by typing random crap means I'm alright.)

So today at work I decided to Lorelai Gilmore my outfit. What does that mean? It means I decided to take inspiration in what I wear from her. And what does that mean? It means my obsession is moving from the show to real life. That's not a bad thing, as long as I don't go on a vehement hunt for Stars Hollow, I think my crazy shall be in check. BUT what if I want to find Stars Hollow? No Ankita stop it. But I wanna! No, Ankita, you can't! But--- No! It doesn't exist!

Conversation with myself before tucking myself in? Check.

Gnite fair people. Live long and prosper (Nimoy, Spock on.)

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