Friday, March 6, 2015

I bite my nails

Eugh. Another day another dime, and some days a dollar. Who created this corporate phenomenon of roboting away in an office? Such drudgery. But then, we all hope for better in the future. Oh, the future. This strange concept of self-preservation keeps us on constant alert about preparing for the future. Remember that story we all heard when we were growing up? The one about the ant vs. the grasshopper? The ant slaves away to get its food all set up while the grasshopper has a mad, MAD time all summer, but when winter comes - boom! Grasshopper's chill sessions backfire. Yeah. That story. That annoying story that brings you back to the perspective that life can't be no work, all play. So I work. So that I can play. And boy, will I play!

At least it's still consulting and not a government job. Phew.

Oo. Resume updates - I need to make them. Haha, it's like describing taking a crap as "efficient and optimally processing nourishment". All resumes. That's exactly what they do. What did you do at work? Ohhhh you managed? What did you manage? A multi-processing software that required extensive analysis and formulae? Basically you worked on excel, yeah shut it A-hole. Since when did blowing your own trumpet become important?

I need to make a list of all the things I do not like about the corporate structure. Here we go:

  1. Restrictive work hours
  2. No space for emotions
  3. Self-promotion
  4. Need for networking
  5. Everything is about mutual benefit - what about just doing for others?
  6. A lot of times work is just created for the sake of creating work
This is going to be further updated very soon - I'm not done with you, no I'm not! I need some hot water to clean up my extremely blocked up digestive system :(

Be back soon,


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