Monday, March 16, 2015

The forest has been fired!

Which forest you ask? The forest on my brows. Yes, I finally got my eyebrows done. It's been the highlight of my week. No, wait, that's not true. The highlight of my week is kind of a tie between 1) discovering a garlic shampoo, buying it and then using it 2) making kickass steak aaaand 3) discovering an amazing song from the new show I've been watching (Veronica Mars) called Dragonfly by M. Craft. Have a listen, very soothing with a great guitar instrumental.

YES garlic shampoo exists. It's insane. I expected to open it up and be the bane of everyone's olafactory senses however it actually smells really nice, well at least the one made by Vatika Shampoo does.

Things I've learnt so far from Veronica Mars:

Being resourceful takes having "people" and recognizing their abilities 
Spying is fun
Stalking is not fun
Thin line between good and bad
Truth is interpretive
Incest is bad
Rich kids in the 90s weren't as outrageous as rich kids now
Fashion really has evolved and thank god
Chrome cast can be quite a bitch from time to time
Aaaaaaand being perfect is only possible in fictional shows

Tada! Cheerio. Later!

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