Friday, May 9, 2008

It's been..

..a week of exams. Today was chemistry options, and yayy, I guess the all-nighter did pay off :). I knew everythiiing ^_^.
I like papers like that, they didn't even ask the stupid complicated equations with numbers all over the place and stupid elements turning to radicals and alkjdalsjdsoirsadjf.
Ahh well, this is temporary peace. Next up is Eng Lit, and Bio and French, but they're ok. The eeeevil ones are a week after. Pure math and physics! >_<
Besides the exams, I love Grey's Anatomy and Across the Universe and at the rate I'm going I'm never getting over themmmm.
My grandma's being a pain in the ass too. Haww, oh well, must learn to deal. Or avoid. She just ends up following me around everywhere. From room to room. She's leechy. I love her and all that, but blehhh.
I like coke.
I slept for 8 hours in the day instead of the night before the exam.
There is keema for dinner. Times aren't that rough.
I will get through these exams..

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