Monday, May 12, 2008

I have decided..

to be an all forgiving and all loving person :D. I will not expect anything, but I will be pretty damn happy about what I get. It's quite the revelation. Haha, let's see how long this quasi-resolution of mine lasts, it's probably going to last as long as this random good mood does.
It's funny how sometimes you get so conditioned to the good things about yourself that you forget they're even there. That's not a good thing. I must stop doing that. "Nobooody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard, I'll take you back to the stars (8)" Yay, my iTunes has good timing! It's much simpler than we make it to be though, no matter what Coldplay says, all you have to do is tryyyyy. I love songs.
Oh and english today was shit btw, I wrote like one of them drugged poets. And the fact that all I wanted to do was go to sleep didn't help either. BUT it wasn't as bad and tragic as it could have been. Oh well, I'm definitely not counting on a 7. Next up is Biology, I hope that's a cruise though I've been a bit over confident about it. I must go study now. Byebye.


Anonymous said...

Cream and knives
When I open my window

I see sunlight, through trees

Moonlight through forests

Voices through grass

And myself, looking out my window

What thoughts there are

I see them now not too far

I sit down and try to free

The gush of wind, my memories

I feel that now,

There’s no hope but how

How can I jus give up?

When I see you, I see love

Untrue, of course, fake useless

But, so what? Atleast its there

I want that love, I miss it

But still I need to live a real life

My mind tells me to listen

My heart cries out the same,

I hear and wait and wait, and hear;


Did I miss something?

When I was gone did I,

Not live the right way

Did I not, feel the right things?

Did I not forgive, the wrong

I wait for you now

I wait for us to be together

Under the shadow of light

I wait for you to come to me

If I love it is you I love

If I fly, you are my wings

If I succeed you are the rungs of my ladder

If I am, then you are me

Express happiness

In a way that not only satisfies,

But in a way that makes you realize what you’re expressing

I stand alone, with all of you by my side,

And wait for her to come

And grant my 3 wishes

I wish you were there when no one existed

I wish you were there

Now I wish for nothing

But I still wish, am I selfish

I thank you, and you,

And I thank you

Now, am I selfish?

I give up. Good deed?

I give up

Schools teach us what you teach me

I respect you

Kill me, be free, let me let you kill me

I pray, so that I can pray the next day

And as I went on,

I n this sad old fashioned way, thoughts pierced my heart

With cr9ssses of fire

Phones noise rulers and purses,

Cream and knives…

What was that?

That was reality


Wake up as you have yet to die,

Dream so that you can relieve yourself from reality

Ankita Wasan said...

Ok, that's well written too, but why are you doing this? :S

Anonymous said...

jus la dat..

i was readin it.. i wrote tht one quit sumtime back actually..

and i realsied.. why don i post it here.. for the same reason...
ive been doin evrythign ive been doin on ur blogs...

btw.. hows she doin???

Ankita Wasan said...

How's who doing?

Ashish said...

"I have decided..

to be an all forgiving and all loving person :D. I will not expect anything, but I will be pretty damn happy about what I get..."

Hey, was going through your blog after what seems like an eternity, so took quite a while to read the posts and after doing so, i can say; no, you're not an all forgiving person. And no one should be expected as one.

Anyway, congratulation for Sophia's.

Ankita Wasan said...

Hey! I didn't say I was..I just said I was going to try, cmon, you can give me that much credit!
And I haven't updated recently, so you'd know that I'm not going to Sophia's before anyone else from here. But thank you anyway :)!
Oh and while I'm at really need to update, much more than I.