Thursday, May 22, 2008


I hate them both, I cannot believe they'd make me cry so much. Wtf is with this shit man! It's like they're doing this on purpose just to get "back" at me. And then they top it off with "I love youuu" awww, fuck you. God. It's just a bunch of keys! For bloody convenience sake! And it sucks to see that someone can be so untrusted. I can't WAIT to get out of this hellhole. Be it hong kong or any fucking where in this world, I just wanna get the fuck away. I HATE THEM! No matter what I do for them, just cuz they speak louder and fuss MUCH MORE about what they sacrifice doesn't mean that everything I do, quietly, for them should just be ignored. How fucking retarded is this?! And it's worse to have weird tears just streaming down my face. It makes my face go REDDER and I look so stupid! God I feel suffocated. And horrible. And that too on the first day that I don't have any exams to be pissed off with. Why thank you very much for nothing you bitches.


C R D said...

i wonder who those peeps are that u hate so much. i hope ur not talkin abt ur parents.

i think todays parents underestimate the pressures tht pile on the youth. they think its only they, in their youth who faced hardships. tht might be true, but we have our own ,very different kinds of pressures to handle.

keep writing

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Ankita Wasan said...

They're the people I live with, one of them my parents yes.
What you say is true, but it's confusing to try and get them to understand what you're saying. And sometimes it's hard to even understand HOW to get them to understand.
Ok Chris, thank you :)
Keep reading!

Alok said...

Hey Ankita, Have you seen "Monty Python and The Holy Grail?"

C R D said...

visit my blog too :)

Ankita Wasan said...

I will Chris :)
And no I haven't seen it Alok, is it good? I'll try to get my hands on it yeah?
Wait. It IS a movie right.

Alok said...

Given your love for weird and sarcastic humour, I think you'll like this one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ankita,
I see that the both of us are in pretty similar situations. Even I don't get along with my mom. I dislike her but I can't say I hate her. Hate is too powerful a word to use because at the end of the day she is my mother. The use of the word "hellhole" : believe it or not I've called my home that loads of times. Even I am only making plans all the time to get out of here.

Keep writing and keep visitng.


Deep said...

That is what we generally call as:
Communication / generation gap! Well Ankita, I don't know exactly what's the issue is.. (Though somehow similar situation is with me)

Nobody can help you in this situation!! You are the one who can change... can't change THEM! That’s what I've learned... :) :)

Do one thing.. Just enjoy your vacation, chill out, go partying, if you wish go for treks... move out of this bloody city!! That may help you... & do write as much you can!

I've also drafted some posts but seriously I don’t have hat much courage to post them!

Bieeee :):) KEEP SMILING! B+

blistering barnackles said...

hey ankita... i saw a comment that u posted on my blog which compelled me to read one of yours. Parents could be trusted on most things and that u will realise but not as of now... the frustration is obvious.. but just dont let it take its toll on you... anyways... u write wat u felt like... i would say it creates a great impression on readers...
cheers, keep blogging

Ankita Wasan said...

To everyone above, I know this reply is reaching you all really late, but I guess we all go through out moments of anger where everything makes you turn against the people who are closest to you. I love my parents a lot :) and if you're angry with somebody, it's because they're the ones you least expected wrong doings from.
I don't hate them. Never have, never will. Just didn't know the implications of the word "hate" when I wrote this.

CRD said...

woah!! A response tht took 2 and a half years coming?? Awesome!! :P