Thursday, August 6, 2015

Updates List - Check!

  • Had a great birthday (it was on the 18th of April, thanks for the wishes) - check!
  • Went volunteering on a summer camp and met people from all around the world - check!
  • Ate an authentic Singaporean meal cooked by someone from Singapore - check!
  • Learnt French from a hearing impaired and inspiring individual - check!
  • Cliff dove multiple times and felt little fear - check!
  • Laughed about all things Aussie - check!
  • Got lost in the woods of Algonquin park - check!
  • Tried to learn sailing, unsuccessfully - check!
  • Traveled across tourist spots along the west of Canada up to Quebec - check!
  • Saw Minki, Beluga and Baby Beluga whales - check!
  • Shivered to death on a boat during whale watching - check!
  • Fell in love with Quebec City - check!
  • Got into Rotman for my MBA - check!
  • Went for Bestival and Veld - check!
  • Hated the thunderstorm that interrupted Veld - check!
  • Walked around Toronto, looking at it totally differently, in the rain - check!
  • Got sick, curled up in bed, and watched a lot of Netflix - check!'s getting kind of annoying how many exclamations there are in this post - check!

That's the last exclamatory "check!", I promise - check.

I'm not sure why but somehow I feel like the word check has replaced the word roger, as if I'm on a walkie talkie - check.

Except roger's used for when you want another person to speak - check.

And over here it's just me..... - check.

.....talking - check.

I hate the word check - check.

Goodnight - check.

I'm so glad this post is over - check.

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