Monday, March 26, 2012

I won't do it. I just won't!

-pokes head in-
Long time!
As usual.

So, in a few months I move to Toronto. And there, I'm lined up to work, study, live, socialise etc. etc. So much uprooting and such little time.

What won't I do? A damn MBA. What's the point of training myself to simple work for someone else? I won't do it! Nuh uh, no way! I'd rather do an MA in Psych and fuel my interests, so I actually enjoy life and work shouldn't feel like a pain in the ass (like my current BBA classes, except for some). Like the one I'm supposed to be in right now - CG, Corporate Governance - quite obviously it doesn't seem to grasp even an ounce of my interest.

I'm going home on Thursday - home is now Gurgaon, not Mumbai anymore - and get to meet Mother darling after aaages! ^_^


Ok I ran away for a bit there when class got over and after class got over, I played tennis for 2 hours (no I am not good), ran around all over campus, ate dinner, poked someone with a pen (not on purpose), played cards (a game called saath aath, it's fun :D) and now I should shower but I'm being lazy..sooo hopefully this post shall be up on the blog soon.

My sheets are powerpuff girl sheets. That is a random fact, one that I should be embarrassed about but oh well :D.

And regarding MBAs, fine..I shall be open to the option as long as its an MBA in entrepreneurship, not just any course that teaches me how to do the masters work, better than the master with just no autonomy to match.

That's all for now. Two hours and I should be a cleaner person! ^_^

Goooood day and night!

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aarshin pancholi said...

Powerpuff girls, erm :/