Thursday, June 25, 2009

Long time sounds like a cliche, and it is.

And it has been long, really long..still going to FLAME, still living the same life.
Here's a list of additions:
1-Internship with a firm called Direxions in worli. It's pretty cool.
2-I've learnt driving, I need to get a license made now.
3-I've realised that travelling so much is NOT my cup of tea.
4-Things are getting pretty boring and monotonous around me.
5-I miss writing :(. And I miss the comfort it gives me.
6-I'm reading Conversations with's a little heavy all at once, but once you piece the things written in there's pretty nice.
7-I have a constant need to recount my day! I guess that's why writing helps :).
8-I slowly have begun to like trance music.
9-I finished reading The Glass Palace and I loved it. It's one of the best books ever. Kudos to Amitav Ghosh.
10-I have new heels that I can't wait to wear :)! Well, actually two new pairs.
11-I'm cramping >.<. yeaow.
12-My dad's adorable..he's hellbound on making me happy (not that I mind!)
13-I bought dirty bata chappals for the rainy season.
14-This list is loong.

That's a lot for one day. I wish people would remind me to keep writing. It's really important to me..*sigh*

Anywho, I missed this place. Loves.



Nim said...

good to have you back..
keep writing.. :P

Ankita Wasan said...

lol, thanks so much, my one and only follower :)
you go girl!

Ashish said...

Desperation for writing; Conversations with God; liking Trance - sounds well till now.

Much like college life, only that the next thing to follow would be Heroin or Cocaine, if it were to be one!

Wisely advised by adults - don't do drugs :-P

It's nice to have you back. I quite like Only a glimpse.

CRD said...

Visiting after ages.

Very Random. But atleast you're back to writing. keep Blogging.


Deep said...

oh great!! :))))))))))

[plzzz remove that word verification walla test!]

Tanya said...

I read every poem and I cannot begin to tell you what immense pleasure it gives me to read every word you write. This is yet again a very cliched comment but to put it in a nutshell... this is as good as it gets! I absolutely loved breathing petal dust and raining life. Keep writing dunky...
<3 Tanu